Arch Hurd: moving forward

So, what’s the point ?

Yes, it seems dead. Yes, there is no news. But we are working on (with a friend). I decided to post here where we are, what we are doing and what we should do (and there is a lot of things). If you want to help, even if you havn’t any knowledge in operating systems, feel free to contact us on irc channel.

What have we to do ?

We have three big things to do:

  • Compile a recent version of glibc for hurd and recompile all packages in [extra] with that.
  • Building a toolchain for cross-compiling Arch Hurd environment, and if possible, with the latest versions
  • Install a new (beautiful) wiki and fill it

What are we doing ?

For now, we are working on two things: having a qemu image for packaging environment, and building a toolchain for cross-compiling GNU/Hurd and Mach kernel. With the latest livecd, you should have a bootable image. I used it and I am trying to compile glibc 2.16. If you have any trouble during the installation, please contact me on irc (#archhurd or #archhurdfr on freenode). I am also working with a friend on a toolchain. I am trying to cross-compile the base tools with:

  • binutils 2.23.2
  • gcc 4.6.4
  • glibc tschwinge branche on official hurd git repository
  • GNU mach 1.4 master branch on hurd repo
  • GNU mig 1.4 same
  • GNU hurd 0.5 same
  • libptread same

I will push my updated script on my github repository.

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