This is the Hurd. Welcome.

Welcome to the Arch Hurd website. Arch Hurd is a derivative work of Arch Linux porting it to the GNU Hurd system with packages optimised for the i686 architecture.

Our goal is to provide an Arch-like user environment (BSD-style init scripts, i686-optimised packages, use of the pacman package manager, rolling-release, and a KISS set up) on the Hurd which is stable enough for use, if not as a primary OS, at least as something to consider as a dual-boot option.

Currently we provide a LiveCD for users to install or try Arch Hurd for themselves, and provide an installation guide covering its use, as well as an alternate installation guide for users for whom the LiveCD is not an option, for whatever reason.

We are attempting to bring the spirit of Arch Linux to the Hurd, and if you'd like to help us achieve that, we'd love to hear from you on the mailing lists or IRC.

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We're back!


Hello, I'm Luca (username z3ntu) and the Arch Hurd website now runs on my server as the databases broke on the old one.

I've rebuilt this main website including all news articles from the past and the wiki. Also I have bootstrapped Arch Hurd (again) from scratch and I can build packages from an Arch Hurd chroot.

PKGBUILDs are currently at and binary packages at

I hope I can bring Arch Hurd back to a state where you can download an ISO and just run it in a VM (or even on real hardware) - but we're not there yet.

If you have any questions, you can find me in the #archhurd channel on freenode (edit 2021-05-25).

Compiling [core]


Due to the severe difficulties I had with "bootstrapping" to upgrade [core] from within the latest ArchHurd ISO I could find, I have started working in a Debian Hurd environment.

Currently, I have a working temporary installation of pacman so that I can build pacman packages for each package in [core]. I'm powering through this as fast as I can, and I hope to have each package from [core] in [testing], probably within a month worst case, no promises though.

New developer


Hi, I'm phillid and I'm currently working (in what little spare time I have) to have a crack and push ArchHurd back into being a "usable" distro of The Hurd. I'm working inside the most recent of the ISOs to try and bootstrap everything up-to-date. At the time of writing, I am having issues installing GCC to a sandbox directory for packaging.

I admit it's slow progress as it stands and we'll have to wait and see as to how far I get.

Currently, the best place for ArchHurd discussion is the IRC channel, feel free to drop on in.

Arch Hurd: moving forward


So, what’s the point ?

Yes, it seems dead. Yes, there is no news. But we are working on (with a friend). I decided to post here where we are, what we are doing and what we should do (and there is a lot of things). If you want to help, even if you havn’t any knowledge in operating systems, feel free to contact us on irc channel.

What have we to do ?

We have three big things to do:

  • Compile a recent version of glibc for hurd and recompile all packages in [extra] with that.
  • Building a toolchain …

Why Arch Hurd project seems dead ?


Hi everyone.

As you can see, there is no activity on our website since 2011. But don’t worry, we’re not dead. Arch Hurd is a project which require a lot of time, and we’re not enough. For now, we have to rebuild the glibc at the latest version. After that, we have to rebuild everything to have a basic sytem. npnth works on glibc, unfortunately, we have no news for 3 months.. Maybe he’s in holidays. If you’re interested in our project, you can contact us on our irc channel. We also have NlightNFotis who’s working on Linux From Scratch …

Older News

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hurd-headers 0.9.r178.g2e90bcdb-1 i686
hurd 0.9.r179.g7d10ab8b-1 i686
gnumach-headers 1.8.r82.g0294ec07-1 i686
gnumach 1.8.r82.g0294ec07-1 i686
glibc 2.29.r34436.56c86f5dd5-1 i686
openrc 0.38.2-1 i686
meson 0.47.2-1 any
libnghttp2 1.31.1-1 i686
curl 7.60.0-1 i686
pacman 5.1.0-2 i686
gdb 7.12.1-1 i686
libbsd 0.9.1-1 i686
pacman-contrib 1.0.0-2 i686
guile2.0 2.0.14-1 i686
sudo 1.8.12-1 i686