BBS, AUR, and a new Web Team.

Packaging has been a little slow since we finished Xorg, so to make up for that, the website has gained some pretty useful functionality over the past few days.

Firstly, I would like to announce the creation of a new Web Team, consisting of myself, Michael Walker (Barrucadu) and Jordan Roy (daedhel). The idea behind this is that it'll be easier to make changes and work on new things when it's not just me - particularly if I become unavailable for a period of time.

Secondly, and you may have noticed this a couple of days ago, we now have an AUR. The Archlinux User Repository has been copied over and installed on this server. A big thank you to the developers of the AUR, who have made such a useful piece of software. In addition, using the 'official' AUR should make it quite trivial to port existing AUR helpers to Arch Hurd.

Finally, and not leastly, our own forum has sprung into existence. We are using FluxBB, the same software as the Arch BBS, so you should find it easy to adapt.