Crosshurd update and server fiddling

Firstly, Allan has updated the crosshurd scripts again, including the following new cross-compiles:

  • bzip
  • binutils
  • fakeroot
  • gawk
  • gzip
  • mpfr
  • xz-utils
  • zlib

In addition, the following untested cross-compiles have been added (see ./scripts/devel folder)

  • db
  • gdbm

Binutils installs files in some weird placed, but that can be fixed by compiling it natively. When ppl, cloog-ppl and gcc have been cross-compiled, we should have a working native toolchain :)

Secondly, I've been fiddling with the subdomains and come up with something far more sensible:

  • moved to
  • moved to
  • moved to