LiveCD and Installer!

May and June are the time of exams, so things have been slow around here lately, however today I Michael Walker (Barrucadu) 'finished' writing an installation script for the Arch Hurd LiveCD, which can be downloaded here! The script can be used to install an Arch Hurd base system similar to what you get after installing Arch Linux with a few caveats:

  • locale-gen causes the LiveCD to freeze, and so isn't run. You'll need to do so once you boot up your installation.
  • grub-install just doesn't work, so you need to have a GRUB floppy (or something) on hand to manually install GRUB - though the livecd configures it just find and puts things in the correct places.

Additionally, the Arch Hurd Installation Guide on the wiki has been renamed to Alternative Installation Guide, and a new Installation Guide which covers installation using the LiveCD has been begun. Of course, please report any problems in the installer.