LiveCD release: i686-core-2011-08-17

Exactly 11 months after the previous one, the next version of the Arch Hurd livecd has been released! It will become available as the mirrors sync over the next few hours.

Notable changes since i686-core-2010-09-17:

  • Many updated packages
  • Dropped tcp_wrappers
  • Some bugfixes and tweaks to the installer (see the git log)
  • Updated livecd initscripts (see the git log)
  • Download link: i686-core-2010-09-17

md5sum : c157683b7088c74bb03c4f56de3f3272

sha1sum : 7541d962fe3a50a7ab938e895ab8b550b2a38580

Additionally, in unrelated news, there is now a new mirror in France,