We're back!

Hello, I'm Luca (username z3ntu) and the Arch Hurd website now runs on my server as the databases broke on the old one.

I've rebuilt this main website including all news articles from the past and the wiki. Also I have bootstrapped Arch Hurd (again) from scratch and I can build packages from an Arch Hurd chroot.

PKGBUILDs are currently at https://github.com/z3ntu/archhurd_packages and binary packages at https://github.com/z3ntu/archhurd_packages_binary.

I hope I can bring Arch Hurd back to a state where you can download an ISO and just run it in a VM (or even on real hardware) - but we're not there yet.

If you have any questions, you can find me in the #archhurd channel on freenode libera.chat (edit 2021-05-25).