Xorg and a LiveCD!

These have been a busy two weeks for the Arch Hurd team, Alexander Preisinger (giselher) decided, fuelled by his now amazing package-building powers by using Arch Hurd on real hardware, to begin packaging Xorg 1.8 for Arch Hurd, which made it in to extra today. We don't have many graphical programs yet, but we have a window manager (openbox) and terminal (xterm) - enough to start with.

Secondly, but not less important, is the creation of an Arch Hurd LiveCD by Michael Walker (barrucadu). Whilst still only an initial prototype version with no setup program, we have Arch Hurd booting from your (IDE) CD/DVD drive, and running fine. There seems to be a problem with amd64 processors, however, so if you try the livecd with an AMD processor, I (Barrucadu) would be interested to know what happens.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank people without whom this project could not have happened. Archlinux developers; Debian developers; and of course Hurd developers, you people are the greatest.